Mel is a first generation queer Latinx self-taught artivist who grew up between Atlanta, GA and her parents native land of Colombia. After fleeing to Atlanta in the wake of the mid 90’s drug war, a shy Mel held a camera for the first time in the middle of a Louisiana swamp, during a full harvest moon, thus catapulting them into a blessed path of telling stories from both sides of the lens.

After over 16 years of working with cameras to tell stories, Mel birthed a small company to foster all of her artistic endeavors. The company focuses on stories by, for and about Women of Color, highlighting stories of Queer Women of Color via film, acting and cinematography at MoonLab PICTURES.

Mel is committed to creating stories that empower Queer Women of Color while dismantling all forms of oppression through film, photography, acting and digital art for a beautiful new mañana. Mel is currently based in New Orleans.